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BIG BANG BLACKOUT: This time, it's Sirius

The Big Bang Blackout is based on the Big Bang, Baby -- a Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy-centric challenge.

Since the original, the big bang challenge has been adapted to numerous other pairings and fandoms. So far, Sirius Black has managed to avoid being "big bang"-ed -- a state of affairs that is both unacceptable and unsustainable.


Welcome to the latest big bang challenge: BIG BANG BLACKOUT: This time, it's Sirius.

[community profile] bigbangblackout will be the main community for sign us and moderator posts, but there is a mirror on Insane Journal, which will be updated simultaneously, if you'd prefer to monitor activity from there.


This is a character-centric big bang, rather than a pairing-centric one. So submissions can pair Sirius with anybody and anything -- male, female, animal, mineral, vegetable -- or, for fan-authors and fan-artists of gen, with nobody (or nothing) at all. Well, okay, there is a slight catch. Fics and art must be HP-based: no crossovers with other fandoms will be accepted.

We're looking for authors, artists, betas, readers, hand-holders, cheerleaders and all 'round Sirius-lovers to join up and participate.

The big bang challenge is a two step process. Authors have from now until 12 MIDNIGHT GMT, Monday 6 July 2009 to provide a draft of their fanfiction. If you do not provide your draft by this date, your fanfiction will not qualify for accompanying art. The draft must be at least 20,000 words long, and Sirius-centric. It can be AU, and/or non-magical, but NO CROSS OVERS are allowed, since this will make the match up with artists more challenging. If you are not sure whether the story you will have in mind will meet the challenge requirements, check the rules or the faq or contact the mods.

In addition to a draft, authors will need to provide a 1-2 page synopsis of their fanfic. These synopses will be sent out to artists on the basis of pairing(s), era(s), rating and kinks/squicks, shortly after formal sign ups close at 12 MIDNIGHT GMT, Monday 6 July 2009 . Artists then rank the synopses in their order of preference for illustrating them, and email their choices by 12 NOON GMT, Saturday July 11 2009.

Based on this information, the mods will assign fanfics to artists, with assignments going out on Monday 13 July 2009. Artists will be matched with authors anonymously so please do not discuss your sign-ups (that is, pairing, era, plot, etc) in detail with your f'list or, better yet, at all. Sign-ups are screened for this reason.

Authors and artists then have the six weeks to 12 MIDNIGHT GMT, Monday 24 August 2009 to submit their final works.

After checking that everything is in order, and coding and uploading, the challenge archive will go live on Monday 7 September 2009. Authors and artists will be revealed, and names will be included in the masterlist.

Sign-ups are open, but before you head there, please read through the rules and the faq.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email the mods:
sirius.mod AT gmail DOT com

Alternatively, you can comment on the FAQ post.

And if you'd like to help spread the word, then copy the code in the text box below, and paste it far and wide:

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